The LPZ measurement 8 November 2016

2 Jul 2016

The next LPZ measurement will be held on 8 November 2016.

Turkey now taking part in the LPZ

1 Jul 2016

In 2016 the LPZ has welcomed a new participating country: Turkey! Ruud Halfens, Jos Schols and Suzanne Rijcken had a very successful meeting with the Turkish project group and visited the geriatric department of Istanbul University as well as a nursing home.
Turkey will participate in the measurement with 16 hospitals and one nursing home, in total ca. 1300 patients. The LPZ will be organizing the measurement together with Istanbul University.

The LPZ now revised

1 Jun 2016

The LPZ has been revised. The measurement process is now easier, more user friendly, more flexible and provides more customised information. The instrument is limited to just the data that the organisations require, the dashboard has been given a major facelift and it is now possible to retrieve data as much as possible from an electronic file. This revision of the LPZ has been carried out in close collaboration with coordinators and other staff of participating institutions, with the aim of bringing the renewed LPZ into line with the wishes and requirements of healthcare institutions.

The United Kingdom now taking part in the LPZ

1 Dec 2015

The LPZ measurement is gaining ground in Europe. In addition to the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the United Kingdom is now also taking part in the LPZ. In November 2015 an LPZ measurement took place in the Nottingham region in the UK; this measurement involved the modules for pressure ulcer and incontinence and was held in around 30 care homes. The East Midlands Academic Health Science Network is coordinating the LPZ in the UK. With this expansion of the LPZ market we can now better compare the quality of healthcare in these countries at an international level.

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