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What is the LPZ?

"An appropriate instrument for measuring the quality of care"

The National Prevalence Measurement of Quality of Care (the LPZ) is an annual, independent measurement of care quality in the healthcare sector. The LPZ is used to measure the quality of care provided by your institution. It is a reliable measuring instrument for identifying and rectifying care problems at an early stage. Care indicators that can be measured with the LPZ are: pressure ulcer, incontinence, malnutrition, falls, restraints, and pain.

The LPZ presents your organisation with targeted improvements to the quality of care. Results of your own measurements can be compared in a simple manner: between locations/departments within your own organisation, and with national care institutions.

Currently, the LPZ is being measured in several countries, such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom and Turkey. You can find detailed information about the participating countries, by clicking in the menu at the bottom of this page.

What we stand for

"The LPZ 2016 fully revised! Simple, reliable and valid’"

The LPZ 2016 has been fully revised and is now easier and quicker to fill out and the results are presented in a clearer manner. The LPZ is a reliable and valid measuring instrument that has proved its usefulness and effectiveness over the years. Our longstanding experience ensures that the measurement is conducted efficiently with adequate data processing. All data are processed anonymously; privacy regulations have been drawn up to protect personal and institutional data. The LPZ is part of the Caphri research institute, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences of Maastricht University, the Netherlands.

The LPZ dashboard

The national and institutional results of the LPZ are presented in a dashboard. Watch a short instructional film for the Dashboard below.

Your institution at a glance

At a glance, the Dashboard gives you an overview of the quality of care at your organisation.

How you benefit


Participating in the LPZ provides insight into the presence of specific healthcare problems in your organisation. After completion of the measurement you receive an overview of the prevalence, the prevention and the treatment of the measured care indicators. The data are presented per client, per department, per site and as a total for the institution.


The results of the care quality measurements are presented in a dashboard. This enables an easy comparison of the results from different years, of the measurements from various departments or of locations, and you can see how your results compare to national data.


The LPZ’s eventual goal is to contribute to improving the quality of care. We try to do this by giving institutions an insight into their quality of care and to make it possible for them to compare this quality with similar institutions.


The LPZ is the ideal instrument for charting the quality of healthcare. The ongoing quality measurements give an impetus for healthcare quality improvements. Using the results you can make changes to the quality of care in your organisation and to your organisation’s quality policy.

Use the LPZ within your institution?